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Results 1 to 20 of 80 total: Plants In Genus Lonicera

(Honeysuckle Family)

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 Lonicera altmanii

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera alpigena (honeysuckle)

Habit: shrub Nativity: Mts. central & southern Europe

 Lonicera × amoena var. alba

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera arborea

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera × bella var. albida

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera × bella 'Candida'

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera caerulea (sweetberry honeysuckle)

Habit: shrub Flowers: white Nativity: north temperate regions

 Lonicera caerulea ssp. villosa (sweetberry honeysuckle)

Habit: shrub Flowers: white Nativity: e. Canada; ME to PA, w. to MN

 Lonicera canadensis (American fly honeysuckle)

Habit: shrub Nativity: QC to AL, w. to ON & TN

 Lonicera caucasica (Caucasian honeysuckle)

Nativity: Caucasus

 Lonicera caucasica ssp. orientalis (honeysuckle)

Habit: liana/liane

thumbnail imageon mapLonicera crassifolia (creeping honeysuckle)

Habit: dwarf shrub Flowers: yellow Nativity: China

 Lonicera deflexicalyx

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera dioica (limber honeysuckle)

Habit: vine Nativity: Que. & Me. to Ga., w. to Yukon & Wy. & Okla.

 Lonicera ferdinandi

Habit: shrub

 Lonicera flava (yellow honeysuckle)

Habit: vine Flowers: yellow Nativity: OH to GA, west to KS & OK Hardiness: USDA Zone 5

thumbnail imageon mapLonicera fragrantissima (winter honeysuckle)

Habit: shrub Flowers: white|cream Nativity: eastern China Hardiness: USDA Zone 4A Soil: moist but well-drained Light: sun, partial shade

 Lonicera glandulosa (honeysuckle)
 Lonicera gracilipes (honeysuckle)

Habit: shrub Nativity: Japan Hardiness: USDA Zone 6A

 Lonicera gracilipes var. glabra (uguisu-kagura)

Habit: liana/liane Nativity: Japan (s. Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku)

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